You are unique my child, a wonderful addition to life,
for there is no-one else like you. (Anon)”

Name Giving

A name-giving ceremony provides families with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the arrival of their child and to officially welcome them into their loving circle of family and friends. It is also the time to formally give them their chosen names.

A Naming Ceremony is not a religious service but a time when parents express their  hopes wishes for the future life of  their child.

Traditionally, parents invite family or friends who have a close connection to their child to accept the honour of being guardians or god parents to their child. This is in no way placing a legal obligation on them.

It’s an excellent occasion to acknowledge the special relationship that brothers, sisters and grandparents will play in the future of your child.

There are many beautiful rituals that can be incorporated into a Naming Ceremony but it is entirely up to you as to how you would like the ceremony to be organised.

Every Naming Ceremony is unique and to help you I will provide you with a Naming Ceremony Guide to help you compose the ceremony that is exactly the one you want.